Third Temari

This is my third temari. I haven’t had a photograph taken yet of my second one.

This ball was fun! I was pleased with how nicely it turned out, and it was fun to look at when I was done. I love how the diamonds weave together. I followed the directions and slipped a piece of paper under the stitches where I needed to pass my needle. It worked nicely, but I decided it was more of a pain than it was a help. On a later temari I just passed the needle under the existing stitches eye first, and it worked out quite well. I just had to be careful.

I put this ball in the county fair under the “other” section of the needlework division, and got 3rd place. I’m pretty happy with that since I’m such a beginner. I was there for the judging and very was pleased and surprised to find that the judge knew exactly what it was and what goes into making one of them. She said she owned a couple of temaris herself.


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