This is the “eye-candy” section of Be-stitched where I post many of the tatting, sewing, quilting, and other projects I’ve done. For some of the images, the caption is a link to more information and comments.

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Cami’s Quilt
Tied Scrap Quilt
Friendship Quilt
Green Dress
Sewing Kit
Window Quilts
My First Quilt
My First Baby Quilt
My First Grandchild’s Quilt
Pink Organza Baby Dress
Denim Jumper
Izzi’s Dress
Starfish Quilt
Floral Quilted Wall Hanging
Barb’s Quilt
Miles’ Church Bag
Bethany’s Baby Quilt
Mini Temari Quilt
Dress to the Fives Quilt
Geese in the Garden Quilt
Mom’s Lap Quilt
Bethany’s quilt
Maggie’s table runner
Bob and Robyn’s lap quilt
Kelli’s sewing kit
Cami’s car ditty bag
Craft Club gift
Twin’s quilt
Twin quilt
Monique’s baby quilt
Flamingo baby quilt
Nature lap quilt
Free Motion Practice Quilt

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Brown Temari
Pinstripe Temari
Temari 060806
Temari 060813
Temari 060820
Temari Merry Go Round
Temari 060801
Temari Experiment in Orange
Temari Blue Star
Temari Purple Spindle
Temari Kiku
Temari Purple Empress
Temari Teenie Star
Second Temari
Christmas Temari
My First Grandchild’s Temari
Mystery Temari
Brown C8 Temari
Rainbow Temari
GITS Temari for Pat Lawrence
Fish Temari
Purple Wrapped Temari
Rose Temari

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