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My award-winning quilt!
This was my entry for the 2008 Hoffman Challenge. I was very excited to learn that I had won “Best First-Time Entry” in the pieced category!! Read more about it in the gallery.

Tatting comprises a series of double-hitch knots we call double-stitches arranged in rings and chains, and ornamented with picots and sometimes beads. It is worked using either a tatting shuttle or tatting needle using tightly-twisted threads. Go to the tatting pages for free tatting patterns and for free articles about the history of tatting, how to shuttle tat, how to make a blocking board for finishing your tatting, and many other things.

I have been sewing since I was a child, and spent seven years running my own business as a dressmaker. Visit the sewing section for free sewing tips that I learned on the job and while I was studying textiles in college. Learn about caring for your machine, sewing on specialty fabrics, how to make collars that curve beautifully, the correct way to press your projects, time-saving tips, selecting the right fabric and interfacing, and much more!

This is the “eye-candy” section of Be-stitched where I post many of the tatting, sewing, quilting, and other projects I’ve done. Plus, now you can add your own projects! Just send me an email with a photo of your project and a short paragraph about it.

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Ryan's quilt
Ryan’s Quilt

My name is Nancy Tracy and I’m a tatter and a quilter.  I love other techniques as well.  In fact, if it involves thread or fiber or fabric, I’m usually up for it!

When I was a teenager, my mother took a class and learned to tat.  She wanted to teach me then, but I wasn’t so interested (what was I thinking?!).  But years later when my daughter was a toddler, I decided I wanted to learn.  I bought a book and a shuttle, but I forgot thread, so I pulled out the thickest thread I had–some buttonhole thread.  I don’t recommend using buttonhole thread to learn.  It was hard!  But I persisted, and taught myself to tat.  I’ve been happily tatting ever since.

My husband, Bruce, and I are now empty nesters.  I had a little trouble adjusting at first, so we ended up with two cats because apparently I need something to take care of.

On weekdays, I work full-time as an electrical designer/drafter for a major corporation.  My free time I spend gardening, tatting, quilting, making temari, volunteering for my church, and taking care of my home and family.  (Sleep is optional)

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