Neon Yellow Temari

This temari was a struggle for me. Since starting temaris, I have become a thread junkie. I was in the fabric store and found myself ogling the machine embroidery threads. What an amazing array of colors! And the neon ones just looked fun. So I picked out the neon yellow and had a go at that.

I doubt I will EVER use synthetic thread, especially machine embroidery thread, on a temari again. What a pain! I slipped and slid terribly. Anytime I stopped or slipped up a little when winding it, the last ten or more windings would fall off! Argh! Finally, I just stitched it all in place a zillion times, and it held (sort of) until I could stitch the design on it.

This was also my first wrapped temari. I really enjoy that process. I learned about using pins to hold the threads in place where they cross at the obi and how to finish them off nicely. The biggest trick I need to master is to place the threads between the holding pins so that they approach the intersection nicely arranged instead of haphazardly. I’ll get that eventually!

I just can’t seem to use a needle of any sort without poking myself and bleeding on my project. Someone taught me recently that hydrogen peroxide will remove blood, even if it’s old and dried, and it works! Well, I bled on this project–about 1/4″ blob, but not heavy. I didn’t notice it until it had been there for a few days, too. So I pulled out the peroxide and a Q-tip, and it cleaned up just beautifully! Now I keep a bottle and Q-tips with all my threads.


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