Peacock quilt

Photograph copyright by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott 2008

This was my entry for the 2008 Hoffman Challenge. I was very excited to learn that I had won “Best First-Time Entry” in the pieced category!!

Click here for a larger photograph that will allow you to see more detail.

Since the fabric had an Oriental feel to it, I decided (with some prompting from my friend Janet) that a quilt inspired by a temari would be appropriate.

The quilt is 30″ (76 cm) in diameter. Each of the points is made up of six different strips of fabric that are 3/16″ wide (4.8 mm) and are put on the quilt in a woven pattern, just like how the kiku pattern in temari is done.

It was a real mind bender! I can’t count how many times I told myself I was crazy. But I’m very happy with how this turned out.

For the quilting, I outlined the temari design and the peacock and stippled in the center around the peacock and the flowers. For the outside wedges, I went online and found a photograph of a peacock feather. I then used it to design a continuous pattern that resembled the feather and stitched it in each wedge around the outside.

Lois Van Ackern, who is very talented at digital scrapbooking, created a beautiful layout that displays my quilt. She has posted it in the following places.

Digital Design Den
Scrapper’s Guide


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