The latest quilt on my machine

The latest quilt on my machine

When I loaded this quilt on my longarm it was the first time that I didn’t need to read the instructions.  Yay!  I don’t know why that was so confusing for me.  It makes sense now.

The design is strips of scraps with black borders and black strips between the scrapped strips.  I’ve had this quilt sitting in my “ready to quilt” pile for years.  I decided this one would be perfect for practicing larger motifs since I’m not really in love with the quilt top.  It will be a good every-day quilt.

I want to do a different design down each pieced strip.  So far I’ve planned a feather (of course) and then I came up with this design.

I also came up with one that looks like cone flowers, and I’m trying to figure out a design that looks like tatting.  I need more ideas, so it’s probably time to start looking at Pinterest for inspiration.

Now my biggest challenge is to find the time to start quilting!


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