Tatted Paw Print

Tatted Paw Print

Sometimes I get ideas from strange places. I was thinking about this month’s design the other day and happened to look at the shower curtain. It had bears and moose and paw prints. It occurred to me that it would be fun to make a tatted paw print because you could put it in such fun places.

This design is beginner level and uses one shuttle. I used size 30 DMC Cebelia thread in Dark Grapefruit.

Printable pattern (128K. Opens a new window.)

Patterns are available for download as a PDF file and are readable by using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free.

You will need:

Thread in your choice of color and size.
1 tatting shuttle

dsdouble stitchppicot
jjoinljlock join

The instructions are written for one shuttle, but you can skip the shoelace trick and use two shuttles instead.

These tips may be useful when making this pattern:
Shoelace trick
Continuously wound thread
Lock join


Wind about a yard (1 meter) of thread on your shuttle, do not cut.

R: (3ds p) 7 times, 3ds, close, turn
Ch: (2ds p) 2 times, 2ds, SL
R: 6ds p 3ds p 3ds, close, turn
*Ch: 3ds p 3ds, turn
R: 3ds j to last p of previous R, (3ds p) 2 times, 3ds, close, turn*
Repeat between * once more
Ch: 3ds p 3ds, turn
R: 3ds j to last p of previous R, 3ds p 6ds, close, SL
Ch: (2ds p) 2 times, 2ds, turn
R: 3ds p 3ds j to picot on previous Ch, 3ds p 3ds j to center p of first large R, (3ds p) 3 times, 3ds, close, turn
Ch: (2ds p) 5 times, 2ds lj to 5th p of previous R
Ch: 1ds p 1ds lj to 3rd p of first large R
Ch: (2ds p) 5 times, 2ds
Cut and tie.

Copyright 2010 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.


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