Penny Baby Card

Penny Baby Card

This is a fun card for a new mother and her baby. Find a shiny, new penny (or other appropriate coin) that was minted in the year the baby was born. Inside the card, add the verse below, or any other you may like. You can find more at or Stork Avenue if you’d rather have something different than this.

Precious one, so small, so sweet
Dancing in on angel feet
Straight from Heaven’s brightest star
What a miracle you are!Now here’s a lucky penny
To celebrate the year of your sweet birth,
May it bring you happiness, good health,
Long life on earth.And as life goes by and wedded bliss
tenderly comes your way
You can give this to your one true love
In remembrance of your special day.


You could also put this on a Laser Elegance Needlework Card and give it to a bride using this verse:

Here’s a lucky penny
For the special bride to be
May it always bring you happiness,
Good health, prosperity.May the years of wedded bliss
Be many and tears be few
For no one deserves a happier, more joyful life
Than you!!–Anonymous

This is a beginner to intermediate level pattern using 1 shuttle. It was tatted using Opera size 20 thread.

Printable pattern (187K. Opens a new window.)

Patterns are available for download as a PDF file and are readable by using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free.


dsdouble stitchRring
tptiny picotChchain
lplong picotbjbead join

You will need:

Opera thread in blue #510, size 20
1 Eva Rosenstand card for baby boy
16 2mm white round pearl beads
1 tatting shuttle

Fill your shuttle with thread, but do not cut it when you are done winding. This saves tying a knot and gives you a cleaner start.

Round 1:
R: 4ds p 8ds p 4ds, close, turn.
*Ch: 5ds p 5ds, turn.
R: 4ds j to last p of previous R, 8ds p 4ds, close, turn.*
Repeat between * until you have completed 7 rings.
Ch: 5ds p 5ds, turn.
R: 4ds j to last p of previous R, 8ds j to first p of first R 4ds, close, turn.
Ch: 5ds p 5ds, do not turn and do not tie off. Join to the base of the first R.

Round 2:
Ch: 8ds p 8ds, j to base of next R all the way around the motif. Cut and tie.

Round 3:
Make the lp in this round long enough to fit the bead over top of it. Learn how here.

Heart R: 5ds lp 5ds tp 4ds j to tp 5ds lp 5ds close, do not turn.
J to p on chain in previous round.
*Leave 3/8″ thread.
R: 3ds bj to last p of previous R 3ds p 3ds lp 3ds, close, do not turn.
Leave 3/8″ thread.
Heart R: 5ds bj to last p of previous R 5ds tp 4ds j to tp 5ds lp 5ds, close.
Join to p on next chain in previous round.*
Repeat between * until you have completed 8 Heart R.
Leave 3/8″ thread.
R: 3ds bj 3ds p 3ds bj to first p of first R 3ds, close.
Cut and tie.

Center tatting in the card opening and glue using small amounts of hot glue or glue stick. Glue a shiny, new penny dated in the baby’s birth year in the center.

Copyright 2005 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.


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