The quilt so far

The quilt so far

This is taking so much longer than I expected!  I wanted to have this done this past weekend, but I’m only about halfway done.  I even did a marathon 14-hour day on Saturday (with breaks every few hours).  I just made it too complicated, like I always have a tendency to do.

I took this photo at night, so the colors are a bit off.  The light areas are white, not pink.  But you can see basically what I’m doing.  I designed four different circles, all in different sizes.  The one shown is the largest one.  I’m stitching them in random places, and only on the colored squares.  The white areas I’m leaving unstitched.  This kind of gives the look of the quilting being behind a window.

I’m fortunate enough to have a HandiQuilter with the computerized Pro-Stitcher.  My mother left this set-up to me when she passed away last year.  There’s no way I could pull off this design without it.  You’d think since I use computer drafting software all day at work, that learning to use this would be easy, but it has been a real challenge.  It’s definitely different.  So, the stitching looks great, except where I keep accidentally stitching into the white areas.

Since I’m only stitching a portion of the design at a time, I have a zillion starts and stops.  This is making my quilt rather “hairy”.  It’s going to take some time just to hide all those thread ends.

I really like how it’s turning out, though (other than my many mistakes and general lack of experience).  The effect is what I wanted.

Hopefully, I’ll have the finished quilt to show you sometime soon!



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