Getting ready to quilt, finally!

Getting ready to quilt, finally!

Today I finally managed to get my step-daughter’s quilt loaded on the longarm!  (And the cats are officially banned from the room.)  It was a real project just to do that.  The quilt is 104″ square.  I spent a lot of time making sure the quilt is loaded square to the machine.  I don’t want the squares on the quilt to get skewed.

Usually, my quilts are much smaller, and the piecing is more complicated than this one.  But I wanted the quilting on it to be the highlight and the piecing not so much. Besides, she likes a more modern look.  I don’t know if this quite fits, but for a traditional girl like me, it’s what I came up with.

I will be using templates to quilt large circles in random sizes, and will stitch several different quilting designs inside each.  The background of the quilt will be parallel lines.  What complicates it a bit is that the circles won’t wholly fit within the colored squares, and i will not quilt through the 1/2″-wide white strips.  I want the quilt to look like you’re looking through a window to see it.

This is a far more ambitious project than I’ve ever done on the longarm machine.  I hope I do it justice!

So my queue now looks like this:  Bethany’s quilt, and finish the triangle doily.  Then I have my first pair of knitted socks to make, and a lap quilt done in the pineapple pattern with scraps from Mom’s stash.  Once I get more worn out jeans, I can make more progress on the crocheted denim rug.  And of course, I have Mom’s quilts to finish, as well as my quilt tops that are hanging in my closet.



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