The first of Mom’s quilts

The first of Mom’s quilts

My mother loved to quilt.  A number of years ago, she decided it was time she got all her quilt tops done and invested in a longarm machine.  After she got comfortable with the machine, it seemed she was finishing a quilt every month!  I’m not sure if that’s truly the case, but her output was impressive.  I’m not sure where the photographs of all these quilts are, but I need to find them.  We believe she made well over 50 quilts in her lifetime.

What made this even more amazing to me is how she did all this while dealing with being very ill.  She quilted until two days before she passed last year, and she had completed all but seven of the quilt tops.  During those two days, I promised her I would finish them for her.

Now I have the machine, and I’m learning the ropes.  It’s a steep learning curve!  I haven’t had the nerve to put one of her quilts on the machine yet, but I hope to be ready to do it this year.

All of the quilts except the one pictured here need to be quilted; it just needed the binding.  A few weeks ago, I dug through my fabric stash (much of which had been hers), and found just enough of one of the fabrics in the quilt to bind it.  Yay!  So now I can say I’ve finally finished one of her quilts.  It’s really satisfying.

Isn’t this quilt just incredible?  It looks like it’s not square in this photo, but that’s because it was being held up by a couple of my co-workers.  It’s definitely square and the edges are straight.

Here’s a closer look.  Her points are perfect!

Here’s the back of it and a close-up of the back.

I’ve got a wall big enough to hang this on.  I just need to get the hardware and to put a UV coating on the window next to it.

By the way, if anybody knows the name of this quilt pattern and who designed it, I’d really appreciate it!  My local quilt shop is anxious to see if they can get a copy of it.  I believe it was a block-of-the-month design (actually border-of-the-month).

I’ll continue to share these quilts with you as I get them done.  And the quilts I’m learning on as well.

My next post (which I hope to get to you soon) will be about the tatted box I just finished.  It goes with the lid I made and posted about here.



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