Sorry, it’s just the lid

Sorry, it’s just the lid

Each year, my craft group that meets once a month has a gift exchange.  I always like to take some tatting because they always seem to appreciate it.

I like to research ideas on Pinterest and found some cute tatted boxes, so I started working on one about a week ago.  And that just wasn’t enough time with everything else I had going on.  So I stiffened the lid and gift wrapped it.  When my friend opened it, I apologized and told her it was just the lid but I’d have the whole box ready for her next month.

I used the first row of my Sunshine Motif then added a row of simple rings and chains for the side of the lid.  The rest of the box will be really simple, too.  The thread is Lizbeth size 20 color 163 Blue Ice.

So this is my project for the next week or two.  At least I hope that’s all the time it takes!

Sorry about the bad photo.  I haven’t learned how to adjust my phone for nighttime photographs.


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