Tatted Fan Contest Winner

Tatted Fan Contest Winner

Here it is! This sweet little fan designed by Connie Strobel is the winner of this month’s tatting design contest!

This pattern is quick and easy, and has lots of potential uses. You could use it as a decoration on gifts, add ribbon and make a bookmark, or you could glue it to stationery, or any number of other things.

Thank you Connie, and thank you to everyone who submitted a pattern for this contest. They were all wonderful designs!!! It was very hard to decide on one.

This pattern is beginner level and uses two shuttles.

Printable pattern (118K. Opens a new window.)

Patterns are available for download as a PDF file and are readable by using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free.

You will need:

Tatting thread in your choice of color.
2 tatting shuttles


HS, or hs = half stitch
DS, or ds = double stitch
SH1, or sh1 =shuttle one; SH2, or sh2 = shuttle two etc.
CH, or ch = Chain
R, or r = Ring
CL, or cl, close = close ring
RW, or rw = reverse work; meaning to turn the work over from top to bottom in the vertical plane

Using 2 shuttles dark blue sh1, light blue sh2. R are sh1, ch are sh2

Rnd 1; using s1, r of 10 ds,( -, 2 ds) *7 times, cl, rw. Do not cut threads.

Rnd 2; ch of 8 ds, – ,2 ds, rw.
R of 5 ds, + , 5 ds, rw.
(ch of ds 2 ds, – , 2 ds, rw
r of 5 ds, + , 5 ds, rw) *5 ch of 2 ds, – , 8 ds join to last – of rnd 1, cut and tie ends.

Rnd 3; r of 5 ds, join to a end – of rnd 2, 5 ds, rw
(ch of 5 ds, + , 5 ds, rw) *6. Do not cut threads.

Rnd 4; ch of 8 ds, – , 8 ds, (+, 8 ds, – , 8 ds) * 5 times. +, 8 ds, – , 8 ds, join to – of the r below, cut and tie ends.


Join s1 to the center of the 10 ds of rnd 1.
Ch of 46 hs, cut and tie ends.

Copyright 2007 by Connie Strobel, All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.


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