Tatted Carnation

Tatted Carnation

This little bit of tatted fluff was fun to put together. The flower itself is only just over 1″ wide (4cm), so you can use it in lots of fun places. Try putting it on clothing, a hat, or to decorate a gift package.

This pattern was tatted with size 20 Flora thread. It is beginning to intermediate level and uses one shuttle (two shuttles if you decide not to use the shoelace trick).

Printable pattern (144K. Opens a new window.)

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dsdouble stitchRringChchain
ppicotljlock joinjjoin

You will need:

Tatting thread in your choice of color, size 20. The sample on this page was done with size 20 Flora thread in colors 230 green and 207 pink.
1 tatting shuttle

Base (green)

R: (3ds p) 3 times, 3ds, close, turn
*Ch: (3ds p) 3 times, 3ds, turn
R: 3ds j to last p of previous R, (3ds p) twice, 3ds, close, turn*
Repeat until you have completed a total of 5 rings
Ch: (3ds p) 3 times, 3ds, turn
R: 3ds j to last p of previous R, 3ds p 3ds j to first p of first R in motif, 3ds, close, turn
Ch: (3ds p) 3 times, 3ds, lj to base of first R, do not turn
**Ch: 10ds p 3ds
R: 3ds j to p on previous Ch, 5ds p 8ds, close, turn
Ch: 4ds p 3ds
R: 3ds j to p on previous Ch, 5ds p 8ds, close, do not turn
If you wish, repeat between ** for as long as you want the stem to be. This was not repeated for the sample shown on this page.
Ch: 15ds, cut and tie.

Petals (pink)

All rings for the petals are as follows:
R: 3ds p (2ds p) 4 times, 3ds, close

Each ring will be lj to the base. Start with the center p of the rings, joining one R to each p. Move outward to the picots which join the rings together, joining 2 rings to each. Add a little thread between rings as necessary so that the base lays flat. Lastly, join rings to the picots on the chains, 2 rings per picot. Use very little thread between rings here–definitely use less thread between rings than there is distance between picots. You want them to be close together so they stand up.

Add more rings to the base if you wish to have a thicker flower.

Cut and tie. Fluff the petals until you are satisfied with the way they lay.

Copyright 2006 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.


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