Tatted Bracelet

Tatted Bracelet

This bracelet actually started as my husband’s idea. He explained his idea for making a necklace, and I had every intention of making it. But as I worked on the idea, I decided a bracelet would work better for me. I wear them more often than I do necklaces, and I like simple jewelry.

This design is based on a classic tatted edging, but adding beads really added to the interest. It is an experienced beginner level pattern because of the added beads, and requires one shuttle. I used black size 20 Lizbeth thread.

Printable pattern (99K. Opens a new window.)

Patterns are available for download as a PDF file and are readable by using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free.

You will need:

Size 20 thread in your choice of color.
1 tatting shuttle
130 seed beads
14 4mm hematite beads
Lobster clasp or other jewelry closure
Size 15 or 16 crochet hook
1 small needle

The bracelet as the instructions are now fits nicely on my 6-3/4″ (17 cm) wrist. You can add or remove rings to make the bracelet fit you. There are 10 seed beads and one hematite bead on each ring.

dsdouble stitch


Wind your shuttle then string the seed beads onto your thread. Put one hematite bead and one end of the clasp onto the crochet hook. Pull the thread through both. Then using the hook again, pull the thread back through the bead.

*R: 10ds p (long enough to fit through one of the hematite beads) 10ds, close
Slide 10 seed beads down
Put a hematite bead on the hook, hook the picot and slide the bead over the picot without unhooking the picot. Pull the working thread through the picot to make a loop. Slide the shuttle through the loop and tighten.*
Repeat between * until the bracelet is one section short of the finished length. *R 10ds p (make this one long enough to accommodate a hematite bead AND the second half of the clasp) 10ds, close
Slide 10 seed beads down
Add the last half of the clasp and then a hematite bead to the hook. Make the join as before by sliding both the bead and clasp over the picot.

Cut your working thread about 8″ (24 cm) long and thread a small needle with it. Using the needle, run the thread through the clasp and the last hematite bead. Run it through the last ring, then back through the bead. Run the thread through all 10 seed beads, then tie a secure knot and run it through several of the next set of seed beads. Trim the excess thread.

I also added a dot of Fray-Check to the thread at the clasps for added strength.

Copyright 2011 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.


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