Tatted Angel

Tatted Angel

I thought I’d try my hand at an angel this month. It was a fun pattern to put together. It was even more fun to tat!

This tiny angel goes together very quickly. It would make a great little pin to wear or a decoration for a gift or a card. You can dress it up a bit by adding beads to the double picots that make up her wings, too.

This pattern is advanced beginner level and uses two shuttles.

Printable pattern (124K. Opens a new window.)

Patterns are available for download as a PDF file and are readable by using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free.

You will need:

Thread in your choice of color and size.
2 tatting shuttles

dsdouble stitchRringChchain
ppicotjjoinljlock join


Wind one shuttle then unwind about a yard (1 meter) of thread and wind that onto the second shuttle. Do not cut. Use the shuttle with the most thread as shuttle 2 and the other as shuttle 1.

When making the huge picots in this pattern, make them about 3 inches or 8 cm long. I found it easiest to do the first half of the double stitch and take it off my hands. I laid it on the table next to a ruler and adjusted the picot to the right length. Then I picked it back up, being careful to keep the stitch in the right spot, completed the double stitch, and slid it against the previous stitches. You can find some great instructions for making these picots, called double picots, at Georgia Seitz’s site.

Using shuttle 1:
R: 8ds p (1ds p) 3 times, 3ds p 2ds, close
R: 2ds j to last p of prev R, 3ds p (1ds p) 3 times, 8ds, close, turn
Ch: 2ds tiny p 6ds lj to first p of first R (5ds lj to next p) 3 times, 1ds lj to closest p of next R (5ds lj to next p) 3 times, 6ds tiny p 2ds
Tie to base of rings
Ch: 2ds j to tiny p of last Ch, 1ds huge p 2ds j to huge p, 2ds, do not turn
Using shuttle 2:
R: 3ds p (1ds p) 6 times, 3ds, close, do not turn
Use shuttle 2 as the working thread and shuttle 1 as the shuttle thread
Ch: 2ds huge p 2ds j to huge p, 1ds j to first p of the very first Ch, 2ds
Cut and tie to base of rings. Adjust the angel’s wings by pulling the thread through the join until it sits as you like it.

Copyright 2008 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.


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