Summer Daisy Sun Catcher

Summer Daisy Sun Catcher

This little sun catcher now hangs in my kitchen window. It’s been a delight for me to have it there–just a little something else to look at while I’m working. This is a great pattern for a beginner who is becoming more comfortable and wants to try something new, too. Josephine Knots, like the ones in the center chains of this design, are an easy technique to learn.

Printable pattern (233K. Opens a new window.)

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dsdouble stitchRring
ChchainJK(#)Josephine knot(number of stitches)
lplong picot  

You will need:

DMC Cebelia thread in white, size 30
3″ brass ring (sold at hobby and craft stores)
1 yd. invisible thread or fishing line
2 tatting shuttles

Round 1:
R: 5ds, 9 lp separated by 2ds, 5ds, close, turn
*Ch: 3ds, JK(12), 3ds, turn
R: 5ds, j to last picot in previous R, 2ds, 8 lp separated by 2ds, 5ds, close, turn*
Repeat between * until you have 8 rings
Ch: 3ds, JK(12), 3ds, turn
R: 5ds, j to last picot in previous ring, 2ds, 7 lp separated by 2ds, j to first picot in first ring, 5ds, close, turn
Ch: 3ds, JK(12), 3ds
Cut off and tie to base of first R.

Round 2:
Joins in this round use the 4th and 6th picot (the 5th picot is the center picot) of each R in the previous round.
*R: 5ds, j to p of a ring on the previous round, 5ds, close, turn
Ch: 3ds, 5 p separated by 2ds, 3ds, turn*
Repeat between * all the way around. Cut off and tie to base of first R.

Lightly steam your tatting until it lays flat. Let it cool and dry. Thread a needle with the invisible thread or fishing line. Pass through center p on a chain of the last round and pull up until both ends of the thread are even. Tie a secure knot over the brass ring. Then pass the needle through the middle picot on the next chain and around the brass ring. Continue until you’ve gone through each chain this way. Tie another secure knot at the beginning point. Then tie another knot 4-6″ away from this one. Trim the excess thread so it’s about 1″ from the last knot and use this large loop as your hanger.

Copyright 2005 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.


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