Eye troubles and deadlines

It  looks like it might be a while before I can tat.  I went to the eye doctor last week and we discovered that my left eye has a blind spot.  It makes it very difficult to focus.  I’m hoping it’s something temporary, but if not, it may be a while before my right eye learns to take up the slack.  I can still see well enough to do pretty much everything I’ve always done, but it’s definitely more difficult, and nothing is really in focus.  I’m going to give my eyes some rest until the doctors (both eye and regular) figure out what may be going on.

I’m sure I’ll know more in a few weeks, and maybe by then I can feel better about doing fine work again.

In the meantime, I have a few deadlines coming up.

The biggest deadline I have is finishing the quilt I’ve been making for my step-daughter.  I need to have it done before June 20.  It’s a king-size quilt, and the top is done.  I need to piece together a backing and get it on the machine.  Even though it’ll be on my longarm, it will still be a big project.  I have some complicated plans for it–well, complicated for me.  I’m still figuring out this machine.  I should be able to work on this just fine with my eye issues.  I hope!

Also high on the list is my nephew’s quilt.  My sister-in-law traded her composter with me if I would repair the quilt Mom gave to her son.  I thought it was a great deal, but it’s turning out to be a bigger project than I realized.  I really should remind myself that I need to double how much effort it appears to be when I’m looking at something like this.  That’s OK.  My nephew appreciates this, and saving $125 or more on a composter is definitely worth it to me.

Speaking of dirt, my garden is growing great right now!  I planted the onions, garlic, carrots, beets, peas, and lettuce in April, and they’re all up.  Yay!  Now that it’s a bit warmer, I’m going to plant the corn, squash, and cucumbers tomorrow.  Then I’m headed off to the Loveland Garden Club’s annual plant sale where I’ll pick up the tomatoes and peppers I want.  And maybe I’ll find something new and interesting.  It would be really awesome if I could find a Mexican Sour Gherkincucumber.  They look like mini watermelons!

I also hope to have a truckload of wood chips delivered soon.  We have two trees and grass on the east side of the house, and we never use that space.  Mowing it has been a real pain, and I’ve pretty much had enough of it.  So, we’re going to lay down wet newspaper over the whole thing and then cover it with a few inches of wood chips.  I understand it’ll kill the grass but not harm the trees.  Then next year when that area has settled a bit, I’ll figure out something else to plant there.  I’d like to plant something that produces food, preferably berries, but it’s always in the shade.  That makes it very tricky.  Mint?  Alpine strawberries?  Blackberries?  Anybody know of a good shade berry for zone 5?

I really don’t have time for my full-time job…

At any rate, I’ll post pictures of my step-daughter’s quilt as I go along.

Best wishes,


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