Completed quilts

Completed quilts

The quilts for the twins are done, shipped, and they were delivered today.  Two quilts in five days–that’s a personal best.

In my last post, the quilt tops were done and mounted on my machine.  It sure made the quilting go faster to have both of them on there at the same time.

I used the trucks in Ann Bright’s book “Simply Continuous Boys to Men“.  I made copies and taped them in a row on the machine’s table.  It was very different working this way on my machine.  Since I was working from the back, I couldn’t see what I was stitching unless I stopped and peeked over the edge of the bar.  Sometimes the thread had run out, and that was frustrating.  I also felt like I was stitching reasonably straight but found that I still wobble.  I sure hope that goes away with practice.  I think next time I’ll do designs that are a little less detailed.  That may be the best way to eliminate the wobbles.

Here’s a close-up of one of the bulldozers I stitched.  That and the fire truck were my favorite designs.

And here are the finished quilts!  I hope they enjoy them.


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