Baby quilt for Alexandra

Baby quilt for Alexandra

After I finish a big project, a small one is a must.  A friend was expecting a baby, so a baby quilt it was.  I actually finished it the day before she was born–whew!

This is a disappearing 9-patch design.  It’s super easy, but looks like it’s not.  My favorite type of design!  I got out all my pink fabrics and cut 5-inch squares.  Then I cut 5-inch gray squares and white squares.  I sewed them all together as 9-patches with the grays in the center, then cut each 9-patch in half in both directions to get four smaller blocks.  The next step is to rotate each of those new blocks and sew them together again.  Looks pretty cool!

Quilting it was fast and easy.  I’ve been working on my free-motion quilting, and saw this as a perfect opportunity to practice.  I found a simple, pretty quilting design using hearts that worked absolutely perfectly for this quilt.  It was easy, fast, and so much fun!  Here’s a close-up of the quilting.


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